SUNDAY SAYINGS — February 23, 2020


“A person’s life purpose is nothing more than to rediscover, through the detours of art, or love, or passionate work, those one or two images in the presence of which her heart first opened.”

Albert Camus, French Nobel laureate

Bullet Journal list — February 21, 2020

Bullet Journal list

Successful coaching clients make a list, monitor it, tweak it if needed and then GET ER DONE as my Southern friends say.

Following my own lead, I’ve made a list for March to get a jump on spring.

Here goes…I will also add this to my Bullet Journal which is a favorite tool of mine. As soon as I found the Bullet Journal website and read about the concept, I sat down and created one and have used it since. So.

The List.

March 2020:

Find a non-chemical lawn company

Order hydrangeas to plant on east side of house

Place order for pansy sale at St. Christopher’s

Power washing

Bench for front porch

Your Turn!

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The Yellow Cake

Daddy had a few eccentric traits
like eating the same food for days 
sitting at the end of a table seasoned by
good meals, sweet tea, opinions,
laughter, tears and spilled milk.

When Daddy craved his favorite sweet, 
he called to Mother in the kitchen,
“Mama I’d like to have a little yellow cake”
In response, treating the request as normal,
Mother made a little yellow cake.

Daddy died at 73; Mother was 70
She lived another 25 years, long enough
to forget dates and faces, mix past with present
long enough to forget about the 
little yellow cake.

One day when Mother and I were talking,
painting our nails to pass the time,
she looked at me and said,
“I wish you could have met my husband, 
He really was a nice man.”

With her observation, as confused as it was,
I understood why Mother made
those little yellow cakes.
Both the requests and responses 
were simple elements of the unique story of their love.

In memory of my parents by Nancy Dimond
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